Spirit of the Pipe

Spirit of the Pipe
Spirit of the Pipe

Limited Edition
Image Size: 15"x21.25"

This print is an interpretation by Marian Anderson, based on the following description from The Sacred Pipe

During hard times many winters ago, a beautiful Indian woman
in white buckskins appeared and brought with her a peace pipe.
She taught the Lakota Sioux how to pray with it.

"Behold this and always love it! With this sacred pipe you will
walk upon the Earth."

The bowl of the pipe is the Earth. The twelve feathers represent
the eagle and all the wingeds of the air. After she taught the
people, she left, saying, "In me there are four ages, but I shall
look back upon you in every age and at the end I shall return."

After bowing to each of the four quarters of the universe, she
then turned into a white buffalo and disappeared. 

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